Barronett Blinds

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The Blockout 350 has plenty of elbow room and stands 80 inches tall allowing for standing shots. Find the perfect spot and simply pop open the five durable hubs; you’re ready to hunt. The large viewing windows cover three sides of the Blockout 350 and feature one-way high density window mesh allowing users to remain concealed even during critical shot adjustments. Each window is fully-adjustable with the ease of quiet clip and slide buckles providing for multiple window configurations to suit any hunter’s needs. Even with its large size, transport and operation is simple.

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OX 300 - BX300BW

The Ox™ 300 combines the classic “shoot while standing” height along with silent slide adaptable window system. The windows can be open horizontally from the center, and can silently slide to any desired width or height. At 80 inches tall, hunters appreciate the extra headroom while archers demand it for their bows. With the new silent sliding windows, this blind offers you even more hunting configurations to keep you versatile in your hunting setup. The Ox™ 300 fits in small places and lets you stand tall.


This Pentagon™ has a huge interior. The 5-sided shape allows for a comfortable group hunt with a footprint of 41.5 square feet, which is 70% greater than a comparable 4-sided blind. The shape of the Pentagon also creates unrivaled viewing from the blind with panoramic windows. The Pentagon is equipped with a durable framework with thicker, stiffer poles and strong hubs. The windows dip low for easy sight lines while seated and the middle windows have shoot-through holes to provide multiple shooting options.


The Prowler 300 was designed with the archer in mind. The Prowler 300 stands 80" tall, allowing most archers enough room to shoot while standing. With multiple, low profile shoot-through mesh window configurations you'll have the perfect combination of concealment and shooting options.

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The Prowler 350, Barronett Blinds™, has plenty of room for small group hunts. When you find the perfect spot, simply pop open and you’re ready to hunt. The large, zippered windows of the Prowler 350, offering excellent viewing and can be opened or closed in multiple arrangements to suit any hunter’s needs. The window mesh is shoot-through and can easily be replaced when needed. The Prowler 350 features Bloodtrail® Woodland camo for optimum concealment.


The Radar™ is an ultra-light hunting blind, making it ideal for running and gunning. It sets up and takes down in seconds and slides easily into the included backpack. The Radar™ offers a comfortable amount of room for two hunters or one hunter and extra gear. Three sides of the blind feature zipper-less windows with shoot-through camouflage mesh coverings. The Radar™ also features a zippered peek window on the back wall.