Blockout Blinds

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Blockout Blinds are rugged. Constructed from a tightly woven 600 denier, waterproof polyester fabric to give the blind unmatched durability. The fabric is brushed to create a low sheen exterior to make it blend in. These blinds feature unique one-way high density mesh that allows you to see out of the blind without being able to see in. This unique window fabric allows you to increase your field of vision by opening more window panels, while remaining concealed in the blind and allowing for movement. All Blockout Blinds feature clip and slide windows. These windows slide up and down quietly for adjustable horizontal window configurations or can be unclipped for unrestricted shooting windows.

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The Blockout 350 has plenty of elbow room and stands 80 inches tall allowing for standing shots. Find the perfect spot and simply pop open the five durable hubs; you’re ready to hunt. The large viewing windows cover three sides of the Blockout 350 and feature one-way high density window mesh allowing users to remain concealed even during critical shot adjustments. Each window is fully-adjustable with the ease of quiet clip and slide buckles providing for multiple window configurations to suit any hunter’s needs. Even with its large size, transport and operation is simple.

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Everything about Barronett’s Blockout 300 ground hub blind was designed with the archer in mind. The Blockout 300 allows most archers to stand tall so you’ll have the opportunity to get up close and personal with that trophy animal for the thrill of a perfect hunt. Most bow-hunters practice shooting while standing, yet they hunt out of small, cramped hunting blinds. The Blockout 300 hub blind from Barronett Blinds™ is 80 inches tall, allowing you to shoot while standing! With quiet clip and slide windows and one-way high density mesh, you’ll have the perfect combination of concealment and view for your next hunting adventure.

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