Like other hub blinds, the Bell Bottomâ„¢ is extremely portable, easy to set up, easy to take down, and has no loose parts; but, the flared base offers many advantages, especially for archers. Flaring the bottom creates more interior room and larger vertical window openings without adding extra weight. The extra-wide interior allows hunters to avoid spooking game by staying farther away from open windows, and also provides more room to draw a bow or lift a cross bow into shooting position. In addition, the flared-base design creates larger vertical window openings that are much easier for archers to shoot from while seated.

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Hub Blind Owner's Manual



  • Hub design means blind pops open and comes down easily, but also keeps fabric taut
  • Durable, lightweight fabric with a black interior coating for maximum concealment
  • Ground skirt around entire blind keeps wind out while containing scents and shielding movement
  • Large windows provide multiple configurations for 360-degree viewing
  • Includes brush holders, gear storage pockets, and replaceable shoot-through mesh camo windows


  • Camouflage: BLOODTRAIL™
  • Height (A): 67”
  • Set-Up Size (B): 87” x 87”
  • Footprint (C): 76” x 76”
  • Water Resistant: Roof and Walls
  • Weight: 19 lb
  • Capacity: 2-person

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